Nextbit Robin Mobile Phone

 March 9, 2016      

Kickstarter campaigns are always started if someone has a revolutionary idea and they want the people to fund it. Some of the time, it works and the product or idea becomes a reality. But, for most people who ask for crowdfunding to make their ideas come to life, their ideas do not see the light of day.

In this article, we are going to talk about a really cool mobile phone that stemmed from a kickstarter campaign. Basically, the idea behind making this phone is that people often find themselves lacking storage. Even though most mobile phones nowadays sport up to 128 GB of microSD card support, it is still not enough for their needs.

The Nextbit Robin is a mobile phone that will (hopefully) help you with your storage problems. How will this mobile phone do it, you ask? Well, with the help of cloud storage of course.

Cloud storage services have become quite popular in recent years and the makers of this mobile phone know that by using their own cloud storage service to help people get by their storage needs, that probably more prominent mobile phone manufacturers will take note.

The Nextbit Robin is actually very good to look at. It sports a rectangular design with chic colors (the one I am talking about is their sky blue variant, which by the way, looks very nice and vibrant).

This mobile phone is built mainly with polycarbonate plastic and it does have an aluminum frame on the side. It has some nice curvatures to allow you to grip this phone, so people with sweaty hands do not have a problem wielding it.

As for the mobile phone’s display, the Nextbit Robin comes with a 5.2-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1920×1080. Full HD has become the minimum standard in today’s mobile phone and I am happy that most companies (and even this crowdfunded phone) come with this screen.

I am always a sucker for IPS displays mainly because of its amazing color reproduction and contrast. I would not go into detail on the display as it is one of the best display panels on the market.

The main feature of the phone, however, is its aforementioned cloud storage service. The Robin phone comes with the Nextbit cloud storage service baked into the Android Lollipop operating system. What I mean by this is that your phone will intelligently backup all of your photos and files to their cloud storage service whenever it detects that you do not have enough space on your phone (and microSD card).

There are some minor quirks with the feature, though. For one, it doesn’t allow you to manually upload to the cloud storage service (meaning, you cannot save your files to the Nextbit cloud if you still have ample storage on your phone). Furthermore, the phone’s automatic cloud storage service is a little bit buggy at the moment with files not being uploaded to the cloud.

Still, the Nextbit Robin is a promising mobile phone and I am pretty sure it would go a long way. I hope that more prominent mobile phone manufacturers will take note of this as this is truly one of the best features of a mobile phone for quite some time.

Since this phone has an automatic backup feature and it supports mobile phone data, be sure to get a mobile phone signal booster so that the automatic cloud backup scheme will not be hindered.

The Nextbit Robin is a promising phone from a kickstarter campaign and I hope that it will become one of the most truly successful phones this year.