Nintendo 3DS Flashcart

 September 15, 2014      

Nintendo 3DS flash carts is refer as game cartridge with installed flash memory instead of read only file NAND ROM as found in many other carts.

Features of 3DS flash cart

The more distinctive feature of 3DS flash cart is it function as a plug and play jail break device of Nintendo 3DS which unlock many stubborn and handheld applications like Home-brew Apps, third party games and backups of play ROM. Through 3DS cart you can download any file from downloading engines like torrent and can store into your own Micro-SD card

Nintendo R4 3DS flash cart

R4 3DS flash carts introduced in Japanese market after release of Nintendo 3DSwith exclusive features of rewriteable flash memory. While Normal Nintendo 3ds cart have only readable memory associated with small rewriteable chip for storage of game data. 3DS R4 flash carts have micro SD cards which functions for storage of multiple applications, mp3 and video games. This type of cart can be used to play advanced games easily even on older DS and DSi systems with expansion packs for handling of handhelds. The R4 3ds carts are on high selling volume in the market As it runs smoothly with DS ROMS and homebrew applications even with MP3 players for listening music. Furthermore it can be used in several activities like to unlock N3DS features. Due to its best service providing ability it wins the heart of many customers and they seek this cart in many gamming shops.

R4i 3DS Carts

The R4i 3DS cards are more preferred by the consumers and frequently purchased from the market due to its backward compatibility option with all of Nintendo DS consoles. R4i card is a best option in all carts and can be run smoothly and become cost efficient even compatible with upgraded versions of Nintendo console of 3DS, DSi or DSi XL.

Whether you want to open your face book or run twitter or you need web browsing you will never run out with you R4 3DS cart. Even you can recreate your old computer and video games and can play your favorite consoles, NES games, SNES , Neo game, game boy consoles and thousands more with this remarkable flashcart.

Unique features of R4i 3DS cards

R4i gold 3DS carts are manufactured by China and now available easily in both online and physical markets. The R4i gold 3DS cart upgraded version of R4i Gold V1.4.1. The upgraded feature of R4i gold 3DS cart is its new encryption and core characteristics. It is an ideal flash cart and suitable for working with Nintendo 3DS, DS and DSi modules.

Through R4i Gold 3DS cards you can easily access the internet brose pictures, watch uninterrupted movies, play your favorite music, can read e books and most importantly you can save your games backup copies. Due to its unique capability and stable and outstanding reliable performance it is on high demand in market.


The 3DS flash cart functions like many other softwares such as DVD burner or MP3 players. But this flash cart is go through with high criticism as money people complain that this cart let many hackers ease in piracy of games.